SR4 : 2 x Stereo / Quad Spring Reverb

    • 2 independent mono in stereo out spring reverb systems (short / long)
    • Systems can be combined into a stereo in quad out spring reverb
    • Independent EQ on each tank: low cut, sweepable mid, hi, gain
    • Discrete class A JFET amplifier directly off each tank output
    • Tank panning either L/R or mono (center)
    • Input opto limiter on tank drive to minimize overloading tank inputs
    • 2 slope filters that change the frequency response of the tank drive for
    • Equal power or Equal current vs frequency, or a combination of both. (Changes the frequency content of the tanks output).
    • Multiple stages of power supply filtering for increased S/N ratio
    • Tanks internally shock mounted and shielded for low noise
    • 3U x 18” deep, approximately 18lbs.

  • Introductory Price: