John Kuker



I was crushed when my great friend John Kuker died on Tuesday.  I met John when he had just rented the space in Minneapolis to build the Seedy Underbelly recording studio, the rest is history.  We have been friends ever since.  The last I heard from him was in June of 2014 when he texted and we had a short exchange, said he would get in touch with me when he got back in the country.  I was excited to hear about the new studio, and had planned to visit in the summer.  The last thing he said was “love you Cappy” the nickname he gave me short for “Evil Cappy”, which was born out of a joke rap song he would sing every time I would see him “He’s the evil Cappy and he’s got money on his mind” (I won’t repeat the one I would sing back).  Which was funny because it was pretty much exactly the opposite of how I am.  I have so many fond memories that have filled my head over the past few days I find it impossible to think of anything else, or how to begin to let go of him being here.  John burned really bright, and unfortunately way too short, I will miss you deeply my friend.

Scott Hampton

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