HOC1: will we offer them as kits?

The HOC1 will not be offered as a kit.  The main reason is its simply too complicated, and my fear was it would be a nightmare for all involved.  I’ve spent months developing automated test software/fixtures to facilitate in the test/calibration, but even with that each unit spends between 4-6 hours on the bench, most of which is just allowing the unit to cycle through a compression sweep (0 -> -10dB -> -20dB, each step for 1sec) several thousand times to “exercise” the opto cells, allowing them to stabilize before adjusting the SOG filter (symmetry/offset/gain) which optimizes linearity and range of the dB/volt pad.  There are 14 calibration points, 3 ICs with firmware, 5 power supply rails….  In comparison to our preamps which we do offer as kits, it takes us 10-12x the time to build/test/cal one, which is why the price ended up where it did.

HOC1 update

We expect to have the first run of HOC1 compressors complete by the end of this week, and fully programmed / final tested by the end of next week.  I am now accepting orders.  We are also already beginning the next run in preparation for the upcoming Tape Op article.  Larry Crane is buying the first pair, and plans on reviewing it in his mag.

Operators manual in *.pdf is coming soon.

Introductory price = $1999, $3849 for a pair.

If you are ready to purchase, please send an email via our online form with your complete shipping address, I’ll reply with an invoice and payment options.  We anticipate going through the first run quickly, and are refining our build/test procedures to decrease the future lead time to avoid waiting lists, we will do our best.  At the same time, I won’t produce them faster to get them out the door, they will all be given the same amount of care we spent on the first run, we are just going to try to be more efficient doing it.

Thank you to all who have been sending emails, and have been patient with me getting these ready for the real world.  I realize its not cheap, but these are made in small runs, with an immense amount of care, testing, and inspection here in the USA.  They are very time consuming to build, we spent much of the summer making a small run, while continuing to Beta test here in the Portland OR area.  We’ve had nothing but positive response, and I am excited to say after a decade of effort, the HOC1 is here!

Scott Hampton