HOC1: will we offer them as kits?

The HOC1 will not be offered as a kit.  The main reason is its simply too complicated, and my fear was it would be a nightmare for all involved.  I’ve spent months developing automated test software/fixtures to facilitate in the test/calibration, but even with that each unit spends between 4-6 hours on the bench, most of which is just allowing the unit to cycle through a compression sweep (0 -> -10dB -> -20dB, each step for 1sec) several thousand times to “exercise” the opto cells, allowing them to stabilize before adjusting the SOG filter (symmetry/offset/gain) which optimizes linearity and range of the dB/volt pad.  There are 14 calibration points, 3 ICs with firmware, 5 power supply rails….  In comparison to our preamps which we do offer as kits, it takes us 10-12x the time to build/test/cal one, which is why the price ended up where it did.

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